Love your Manatomy

Top tips on staying clean, fresh and healthy

Fellas weren’t designed to be a continuous substitute to you having a shower or bath; they are to help you stay clean while “on the move” and throughout the day, or when having a shower isn’t possible. You start by tearing the sachet open and opening up the towel into your hand, then gently rubbing all or part of your Manantomy until you are happy that you are clean. The liquid from the wipe incorporates a very mild orange flavour (amongst its other gentle and natural ingredients); rather than a fragrance, so compared to other wipes, its cleansing liquid is safe for oral contact. You soon dry, leaving you feeling clean, fresh and confident!

Whilst using a fella, don’t forget to have a good regular inspection of your testicles; to make sure everything feels normal. Go and see your GP if you discover any unusual lumps or bumps, or one or both of your prized assets start to change shape or size. Fellas intimate wipes were designed by men – for men, so we are proud to support Orchid – Orchid exists to save men's lives from testicular, prostate and penile cancers through pioneering research and promoting awareness. Over 37,400 men will be diagnosed with a male-specific cancer in 2011; from sons to grandfathers all men face the risk of prostate, penile or testicular cancer. Orchid plays a leading role in the fight against male cancer through research and awareness and by supporting patients... and remember you don’t have to inspect them alone; with a bit of imagination your regular check can be a lot of fun!

Safe sex – old message but just as relevant. Although fellas wipes will keep you clean, they won’t protect you from sexually transmitted infections. To find out more visit:

Now we are all men of the have you ever thought about shaving or waxing your manatomy? If you have never tried doing it; give it a go, (but be careful with that razor)! Hair can harbour bacteria especially around warm parts of your body; removing it reduces odours and keeps everything much fresher, it feels great at the same time and your partner might appreciate it too....

If you have any tips on keeping your manatomy clean and are happy to share them with other guys; please let us know.

Fellas wipes – stay clean, feel fresh, be confident.

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